DOUG was born the son of a music teacher.  Mom sang with him daily starting before birth.  Doug played at her feet while she played piano and led music classes.  At age 5, Doug Fry began starring in shows, plays, musicals, concerts, bands, choirs.  His dad being a coach, yelled a lot.  "This is how I imagine my voice.  The two parent voices blended.  The growl of a winning coach mixed with melodic crooning.  "He listens to all music, noise, and sounds.  He loves music, bands, singers.  His favorite bands are - Zach Brown, Elvis, U2, Van Halen, Fun, Billy Joel, Foo Fighters, Ratt, Muse, Beatles, System of a Down, Tesla, Bruno Mars, Nirvana, Kiss and Lady Gaga (and shhhh...also Metallica, ACDC, Led Zep, Megadeath).

At age 12 he picked up acoustic guitar, owning his first Gibson guitar at 14. Doug played bass and earned feature vocals in his Dublin High School show choir, and received scholarship to play bass and sing in University of Rio Grande - Grande Choral, while appearing in rock clubs opening for groups famous in Columbus and Cincinnati.  Bands included- Crystal Pyramid (1984), Dead Dog Beheaded (1986-88), Troublemaker (1988-89), Boston Fogg (1990-1993), WE DON'T (1994-1998) and BIG Wiggle (2000-2006). Doug started Oak Ridge Music production company in 2002, and co-founded Ohio KISS Tribute Band - SSIK in 2010.  He currently sings lead vocals in Ohio Kiss cover band SSIK and Ohio radio rock band Quazzimojjo. 

Attending Atlanta Institute of Music, he learned jazz bass and guitar from Atlanta-famed Russ Rogers and Steve Freeman.  Doug is also a poet / lyricist.  He loves to write short poems and play with rhyming lyrics put to melodies.  His rock band Quazzimojjo released an album in 2015 which has seen FM airplay in OH, WV, and WI.  The band is completing a 2016-17 TOUR NADO OF PUBS and working on a second album.  The band is reaching out to rock record producers and is in talks with a Gold Record Producer.